Our Teachers

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Katherine Copeland
(All my family and friends call me Kate!)

My very first yoga class was when I was 16. I went with my mum to our local gym on an evening and loved it from the get-go. My very first teacher was bubbly and warm, and I remember on the drive home feeling literally and mentally, taller. From that point onwards, my relationship with yoga has grown and blossomed. 

A professional athlete, I have spent the past 11 years competing for Great Britain as a rower. During this time, yoga really complemented my full-time training, and helped me both physically and mentally. Physically, it gave me the core and shoulder stability I needed to help make my technique more efficient. Mentally, as a full-on 'Type A' personality, it was one of the only times in my week when I would slow down, feel into my body and be OK with wherever I was at the moment in time. The rest of my days, I would constantly be looking to get better or improve. Yoga taught me to appreciate how amazing my body is- both on days where I'm rocking my sirsana's and days when I'm rocking my savasana's!

I completed my YTT with Leah Sugerman in Bali; her teaching fostered in me a love for continuously growing and learning about yoga and teaching. On the first day of my course, she said our only goal was to 'help our students blossom'. At the time I didn't understand it, but now, it's something I full-heartedly believe in. I am there to guide my students and help them get what they want out of their practice. Whether that be slowing down after a long day at work and getting a 'spa-assist' in child's pose, or feeling the burn in a core class to help them in their other sporting interests. 

Fun Fact: I have been to 2 Olympic Games, and won a gold medal on 'Super Saturday' at London 2012.... I also took 7 times to pass my driving test. You win some you lose some!