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Creating an Awesome Home Yoga Practice

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

I wanted to draw together some of my top resources and tips to help support your at home yoga practice...

For me, I find it hard to switch off when I'm at home- I'm too easily distracted! BUT at the same time, it can also have it's unique perks. I can practice in my PJ's, my dog comes and falls asleep on my mat while I'm practicing and I don't have to travel anywhere. It's also amazing if you have kids- no-one cares if they're being loud and you can all practice together and help burn off some energy!

The one thing I would say is, if you're like me, turn your phone on silent- ideally leave it in another room to try and help you still get some 'switch-off' time.


Don't feel like you need to buy loads of stuff! Here are some free alternatives you probably already have lying around the house...

Mat- Any mat will do, you don't actually even need a mat if you have a bit of floor that's comfy. If you have a garden, go and do yoga outside on the grass! Enjoy the fresh air while we're locked down :) Straps - you can use a rolled up towel instead. Blocks- Anything chunky and solid e.g. recipe books/textbooks, a box etc. Bolster- have a few cushions of diff sizes handy - anything that's soft and can give you some lift and support. Other- if you have any golf or tennis balls lying around, these can be great to use for a bit of myofascial release e.g. rolling a golf ball under the sole of your foot.

Free Classes

Youtube has SO many classes (as you probably know). These are the ones I bang on about all the time (click on the link and it'll whisk you straight there!).... Yoga with Adriene Cat Meffan

Also- don't be afraid to dabble in a bit of mysore practice (aka doing whatever the hell you like!). You know your own body better than any teacher ever could- and remember there isn't a 'wrong' way to do yoga. Get creative and just mess around on your mat for 10 minutes!


If you want some tunes while you're doing a video or just having a stretch yourself, have a look on my Spotify and nab one of my yoga playlists for free! As my in-person classes are temporarily on hold due to Covid-19, I am taking them online! Come and join me live, (or book on as normal, and email me for a link of the recorded class afterwards that you can watch at a time that suits). Class types and times here.

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