What is Yoga?

Yoga comes from the word ‘Yuj’ meaning ‘Yoke’. This alludes to the foundational principle of yoga, which is it’s aim to connect mind, body and breath. Modern yoga classes, as we know them, consist of sequences of guided poses (‘asanas’), and also incorporate breath-work and meditation techniques. There are so many different types of yoga with different emphasis’ and benefits. 


What Types of Yoga do you Teach?

I teach a range of classes from Hatha and Vinyasa to Yin and Restorative. Please see our ‘Classes page for a description of the different styles.


I'm Not Flexible – Can I do Yoga?

Yes! Yoga is for every body type. I offer lots of options with every sequence we do and my aim is to empower you to choose what’s right for your body. No two people will do a pose in exactly the same way. Yoga is all about letting go of your ego and just working with the bodies that we have, because they’re amazing. 


What do I Need to Bring with Me?

I provide all equipment- mats and props. If you’d like to bring your own yoga mat, you’re more than welcome to, but if you don’t want to we’ve got you covered!


What Should I Wear?

Wear something comfortable that you can move around and stretch in, and bring socks for savasana and the beginning so you don’t get cold feet!

If you’re attending a restorative or yin class, you might want to bring a warmer layer to wear, like a jumper, long leggings/baggy trousers, long sleeve top etc. as we won’t be moving around so much.


I Have Never Been to Yoga Before... Where do I Start?

The fact that it’s your first time is so exciting! I demo and guide the class through all of the sequences, and offer options for everything we do so that you can find something that feels good for your body. Generally speaking, 'Hatha Flow' classes are slower paced than 'Vinyasa', so if you'd like a bit more time to feel into each pose, that might be a good place to start. But with any class, I will really work my socks off to help you just enjoy it and feel welcome and comfortable. It might be the best thing you've ever done, so just take the plunge and come try it!


Do I Need to Book Classes Before Attending?

You don’t have to book in advance but we do have limited class sizes, so to avoid disappointment I’d recommend sending a quick message beforehand to 07496553754. For classes at Henley Practice, you can also book online on the ‘MindBody’ App (just search Henley Practice and find us on the timetable!). 


Classes are £10 per class 


General Etiquette 

Please be respectful of others and arrive on time, and please make sure phones are either turned off or on silent. 


Anything we haven’t covered? Drop us a message - we love to chat!