Our Ethos

  • Yoga is for Every Body

  • It's all about the student 

  • Creative, varied lessons- variety is the spice of life!

  • As a teacher, I will constantly strive to keep learning off others and my students 

  • Integrated approach to health and wellbeing 

As a professional rower, I have been an avid student of all things health and wellbeing. Whilst training for the Olympics, this was to see if there were any marginal gains I could make in my performance. Since retiring, it has been a learning process for me personally, to work out in my head what does 'healthy' look like to me now, as my lifestyle and daily activity changed so much. 

Inspired by doctors like Dr Chaterjee, and books like 'Lost Connections' (see my reading/podcast recommendations list in the blog section!), I have come to the belief that lots of the parts of our lives that we think are separate, are in fact all inter-connected. Hence the strapline: Community, Yoga, Nature. At it's most basic level, Yoga By Kate offers yoga classes. But what my driving force and goal with these small pockets of time is, is to try and incorporate other benefits that also greatly affect our health. 

Fostering a welcome, fun atmosphere in my classes, where students can feel part of a community and supported is really important to me. The Yoga By Kate Facebook group is there for students to join and share resources so that 'yoga' can be carried off the mat and out of class. 

When the weather gods shine down on us, I like to hold classes outside and in inspiring, open places so that students can have the double whammy benefit of yoga- movement and mindfulness- and being in nature. 


With all of my classes, my number one goal is to ensure students have a good experience- whatever this looks like for the individual. I offer lots of options and variations, so that die hard yogis can go all in, and first-time students can feel supported and work with whatever variation feels great for them. I really believe that one of the biggest misconceptions about yoga is that you have to be flexible. Yoga is for every body, and should be taught as such. Period. 



 'Your class allowed me to take some time for myself which is always a challenge. I am sure that I will sleep like a baby tonight! Thank you.' Allison

'A fantastic session enjoyed by everyone. Loved that you could make the moves as advanced, or not, as you wanted' Becky

'Great way to relax after a busy day at work' Tom

'This was my first Yoga class and WOW what have I been missing all these years. The experience was challenging but comfortable and I left with a calmness that was surprising!' Doug