Hatha Flow

Technically, the word ‘hatha' incorporates all yoga with movement. In our Hatha classes, movements flow together just like in Vinyasa, but the pace is a bit slower, and we hold certain poses for a few breaths to really focus on specific stretches and balances.



The style of yoga is usually faster paced and more intense. Students move in time with their breath and flow through poses designed to increase flexibility, core and shoulder stability, improve balance and increase strength, all creatively choreographed to music. I always offer lots of options for poses, so that you can find exactly what’s best for your own body. Breathe, sweat and go with the flow!



Half Vinyasa, Half Yin! The first half of this class is faster paced and incorporates all of the movements you'd expect from a Vinyasa class. We then dial down the intensity and turn up the relaxation, as we finish up with some longer held, Yin/Restorative poses.

Yoga Equipment

Yin / Restorative

These classes are the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work and to promote a good night's sleep. Postures are typically held for 2-10 minute and we use lots of props to allow the body to completely let go and relax. Yin postures increase flexibility and release chronic tension, whilst Restorative shapes aim to create a relaxation response. 


Private Classes

For students who wish to deepen their practice, or for those new to yoga who want to learn the foundations at their own pace with a little extra support. 

Also available for private group classes. Perfect for Hen/Stag Do's, Birthday Parties, or just for if you want something bespoke with your friends! I love a challenge and getting creative; I've done everything from candlelight restorative, to hatha on the beach, to old-school anthem Vinyasa! 

Please contact me for times & more information.

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As an Olympic Champion and retired elite athlete, I am in the unique position of being both a yoga teacher and someone with a strong understanding of the pressures that exist within high-performance environments. I offer bespoke health & wellbeing packages for companies to help care for employee physical & mental well-being and provide tools to help enhance performance.